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The Little Guide to Not Being Dumb

(A study guide with toilet humor!)

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School sucks and you feel like a first-rate dummy. Homework’s a drag, and flunking just seems easier than starting on that pile of math questions. Your teachers are nagging you. Your parents are disappointed in you. And you’ve come to the conclusion that you just aren’t that smart. You don’t have it in you, do you?

Pfffft. Of course you do! My diagnosis: Your crappy study habits are unleashing an academic train wreck right in front of your eyes. But there’s a solution. The Little Guide to Not Being Dumb will give you ten easy tips that you can start using to get out of the F-zone before the day is done.

Think of the benefits. Your teachers will stop nagging you. Your parents will be proud. And you’ll prove to yourself, once and for all, that you are not a first-rate dummy after all.

Some easy-to-apply tips include how to

  • Increase your chances of getting started when you least want to
  • Finish what you started
  • Promote better studying without even studying at all

The Little Guide to Not Being Dumb is well researched, hilarious, in-your-face, and so chock full of learning goodness. I’m a lot more confident . . .”

Jane, verified Amazon reviewer


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